My boyfriend didn't get me anything for Valentine's Day?

Okay so I was working Valentine's Day so we went out today. I bought him a top to where when he goes on holiday to do with the reason he is going which he loved and a card. I on the other hand didn't get a thing, I paid for the movie tickets expecting him to pay for the snacks he bought 2 regular cokes and 1 medium popcorn which he kept to himself for the movie. We then went out to eat I paid again not out of wanting too but because he jumped in afterwards and I didn't want to be embarrassed and say no. I also paid for his bus fare home cause he didn't have it. Now we both work and he got paid today. He knew I was getting him something well in advance and I have a text on my phone stating he was going to do something special. Right now I don't feel special I feel used he didn't even get me a card! I know it's not about the money but that's all that I am doing right now is spending it on him. I need some perspective on this please I wrong for being upset?


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  • Hmmm. Some guys think V-day is completely ridiculous and totally hate it because we are expected to do so much for you and not expect anything in return. Not every guy is good with stuff like this, you know, gushy romance stuff. Lots of pressure on guys to out do and one up the next guy to the point a lot of guys simply do nothing and can't be bothered. Not every guy understands what V-means to women either, so basically you need to tell him how you feel and explain you are upset he did nothing for you.


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