Why is he ignoring me?

Had a casual thing with this guy for like 4-5 months now. We have a great sex life and talk about school, future jobs, etc. Basically a hot friend I hangout with lol. We texted almost everyday about hanging out. We had a very intimate time on superbowl Sunday night, and haven't heard from him since. This is the longest it has been since I have not heard from him. I didn't see anything wrong that night, only that I am sometimes shy/awkward around him cuz I think he is really good looking. I sent the last text which was something simple and then a meme regarding school. IF he were talking to other girls I do not see why he would completely vanish? Why not keep options open? Do you think he assumes I grew feelings for him? I don't know I thought he was ignoring me considering Vday was coming up and didn't want to be expected to do anything...

He's clearly not that busy either, I see him liking stuff on Facebook. It's really rude and immature that he just vanished. If he does text back I am most likely not going to fall for any excuse, I just want to figure out why he is avoiding me.


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  • Hate to break it to you sweetheart but it seems to me like he played you, and I don't think you get it. If he is talking to other girls... HE WILL move on. I'm getting the vibes that he is a player and wants to mess around right now. Just let him go, don't stress over someone that won't take you seriously


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