Pro and cons of going out with a single mother?

I am texting a woman for a while now, only to find out she is a single mother but I never her children yet is there advantage or disadvantages of dating a single mother?


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  • Advantages : single moms are usually more mature , they dont have time for parties and shopping 24/7 like a lot of young women , out of the party phase, more 'motherly' qualities of course
    Disadvantages: the kids always come first , depending on who you are you may not be able to deal with always coming 2nd to the girlfriend , they'll also be more busy then other women without kids , so less time for you and for things like date nights and movies and outings.


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  • I don't see advantages other than bonding with her kid (s).

    Disadvantages are,
    Kids will always come before you. She will be busier because of kids, less time for you. Unless the kids have a babysitter, you will spend a lot of time with her and her kids, so no privacy. Unless the father died, he will always be in the picture so there will always be some drama there. There will be many nights she will be too tired to do anything because she is busy single mom.

  • they can be great if you want casual sex. If you want more they are super shitty!!! and should be avoided.


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