Is my boyfriend a bad boyfriend? Should we break up?

I'm 18 and about to graduate from hs. I'm extremely stressed out right now. I'm in a terrible foster care system that provides me with little support and have terrible representation from my case worker. any foster care and court work, I have to fill out myself because she's too lazy to do so and because she doesn't feel like driving out to my house in the county next door even though she placed me here. I have to constantly go to meetings (I have a second agency), retell my story to many people since I'm signing out in September for college. So this leads into my current school life. I'm aware that I've surpassed many foster kids, especially runaways. I got left back and now I'm graduating in 3 years as a normal senior, attended night school for 1.5 years, taught myself and got credit for 8 subjects, attend StonyBrook University on the weekends, currently teaching myself AP calculus BC, AP statistics, and Spanish for credit, currently studying Russian on the side, have a 97.21 GPA and am ranked 21 out of 1,100 seniors. I constantly travel by bus/train to get to colleges. I have applied to about 30 colleges including Harvard, cornell, princeton, etc. and plan on applying to more. *need as much money as I can for college. I need to take out a loan for an apartment to live in when school is out. As a foster kid, I have no "credit" and a lot of loan companies reject foster kids for that. I want as many options possible and highest bidder gets me, haha.* I have to constantly email colleges to ask them to take off parent tax returns and find alternate methods to send sats, mail transcripts. And so much more. I have a boyfriend who doesn't mind my situation, lucky me. I call him sometimes to vent because I'm stressed. Everytime, he kind of hints that he would like to continue playing his game or writing and I would stop and let him go. This time, I was overwhelmed and he said that he would like his solitude because he was reading. I just got pissed off and said bye.

I don't want to be a nuisance by dumping my drama on him, but I feel he could be a little more caring and comforting you know? I would do the same for him, but he rarely has drama, he has a pretty simple normal life with no troubles. We only see each other every two weeks due to college and all (he just turned 19, first year student). he's such a nice guy, not your regular trendy cuckhold these days questioning sexuality masculinity, doesn't use social media, not constantly on his phone.
I'm afraid that of the possiblity of him only wanting sexual favors, and we don't have sex, and we fool around everyone once but that's about it. He's not a big social person, but is completely fine in social environments.


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  • OMG please please listen to me.. . focus on you.. focus on college.. let that guy go... if he is not on your team you have no time for people who bring you down. This is critical to your future and you seem to have a really good head on your shoulders... I see so many fuck up their futures over some guy or girl and years later they are at the Waffle House telling customers about this one time they thought they had such a great guy or girl... FOCUS!


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  • Hmm it seems like he has stress going on in his life and probably has a lot of pressure too.
    I have a feeling regarding that perhaps you need to find some other outlet, not take your anger and vent on him but rather find some other way to spare yourself the grief and spare him the issue.

  • Dress up like a chicken and ask him if you'll be my rooster

    This is the only way to see the true worth of a man.

  • you should have a talk if you are upset with him

    • I tried talking to him, he was pretty much silent and didn't comment on the matter

    • like sitting down together and having a talk, not just you telling him this and that

    • Thanks!

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