Do you know someone 20 years old (or older) in real life who has involuntarily never had a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I think we can all agree the teenage years are major developmental years in general, so we'll skip discussing those years.

If you do know someone 20, and over who has involuntarily never had a girlfriend/boyfriend, why do you think they haven't? Are there any traits which make it obvious?

@scragbas What a sad story!


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  • In real life? No. I only hear about this shit on the internet lol

    • For the most part, yes.

      Besides ME, I do know a guy who was 25 years old, and finally got his first girlfriend (He told me "too many sluts" wanted him, and he rejected them all). I also knew a guy who was 23, and got his first girlfriend, and I know a guy who is about to turn 22 whom just got his first girlfriend.

      Then again, we don't know who is keeping this a secret, or not as well.

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    • Hmmm. I guess

      I just don't think I know anyone in their 20s single because of no choice

    • Thanks for mhg

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  • one of my best friends is 22, never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never even kissed a girl. he is too insecure with himself, and too comfortable watching pornos instead of looking for physical companionship.

    • Funny enough, I do know some guys who are insecure, and addicted to porn, yet not only have girlfriends-They are MARRIED.

    • ah, they had the opportunity of marriage and took advantage of it. they probably knew it was a shot in the dark for it to happen again with their lifestyle.

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  • myself, just haven't found someone with mutual interest yet

  • Lots. But then all of a sudden around the same age, bam all married or with gfs.

  • yeah me