Dating Without A Car?

Okay, so... I'm 20 and can't drive yet. I take lessons so I'm on the way, but I won't be able to drive solo until halfway through next year.

There is a girl I am interested in dating, but not being able to drive really makes me hesitant. It'd take me about 1 hour to get to where she lives via public transport and driving distance would take about 40 min. She is able to drive, and I have no issue with taking public transport, but what bothers me is the fact that I just can't take her anywhere. I feel like it really limits what we could possibly do and takes a lot of excitement away since I don't feel like I could take her anywhere new or interesting. It makes me want to call it quits and just wait until next year before trying to date anybody, but I really hate the thought of that.

What should I do to make things exciting despite this and to hopefully avoid making this too big of a detriment?


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  • dude people used to date each other miles away with only horses for transport, I'm sure you can figure something out

    • Lol I'm not worried about it from that point of view, I couldn't care less about getting public transport personally. I manage just fine. I just know that a lot of women are against the idea of dating a guy that can't drive, and I'm trying to minimize that effect so she doesn't think of it as an issue.