He doesn't ask me out in dates.. what should I do?

For four months we have been talking everyday and text often. We would stare at me, go out of his way to help me, he asked for a date once, we went out all day, we work in the same place, he gives me rides sometimes, I invited him to eat with me once &a he agreed, he flirts a little in text with winks or emojis, we replay each other's pics, he's been to my house twice to see a movie & makeout. We won't b doing that anymore tho because we got caught but he never invites me on dates. he dreamt about us kissing once. for Valentine's Day he just texted me sorta almost all day n wrote happy Valentine's Day and winked. That's it. We then talked about a food we both like. We do get along well and he's the only one I trust and feel cofmetable and happy with. Should I ignore him for a while so he can pursue me? sometimes I feel he's gotten comfortable & feels I'll always be there and like him. PLEASE HELP. I could still talk to him at work if he talks to me but I won't be overly excited or anything, at least until the end of this month I want him to feel my abcense so maybe soon he can realize my value in his life. he used to stare at me all the time wait for me after work many times and talk to me as much as he can now he doesn't try. He just gets jealous of the guy coworkers I talk and hang out with. I think it's kinda messed up he didn't plan anything for Valentine's Day I know he has strong feelings for me but doesn't try to show it at all.


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  • He's flowing... you should too. If that is what you want, why dont you ask him out on a date. Lead by example.
    Also, lower your damn expectations... you have some idea of how you want shit to go and are expecting him to just know, you are just jailbait for guys like me. except this guy likes you and i won't.
    SHOW him what you like my implementing it yourself, its called taking the initiative and Real men, find that sexy.

  • Just talk to him about it. Ask him to take you out on more dates. If he cares about you, I am sure he will be happy to oblige.


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