Why is he so confusing?

There's this guy at work and I've known him since late August. He's fairly confusing in the sense that I am almost sure he's interested in me because of the way he acts to me. However, when I told him upfront that I liked him he didn't say a yes or no. Yeah, you're probably thinking he was being polite and didn't want to hurt my feelings. Sure, I'm the most pessimistic person ever, when I told him I prepared myself for a no and I would have been fine, had I gotten an answer.

It's just the way he is with me confuses me, like from the compliments to the physical stuff (wrapping his arm around my shoulders and waist, or rubbing my knee, or holding my hand. To long tight hugs and hugs from behind. He cuddles into me too all the time) Or when he follows me around the when I'm not being myself and he wants to know what's up. Or when he told me he likes me. When we talk about personal stuff and he talks about his kid, and family stuff.

He even sent a dirty look to my guy friend when him and my girl best friend came to my job. And when I talk to other guys he's always popping out of nowhere pulling me into him, he even does it in front of my managers.

I just want to know what's going on because I can ask him what's going on but I have an inkling that he's thinking about it and doesn't want to rush into anything because it did come out of nowhere but I don't know.


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  • Go fit for admitting to him face to face, it looks and sounds like he's into, it maybe that he is holding back to see if it'll change and he can deal with relationships. I don't know but it deffo looks like he likes you


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