Is this guy regretting the break up and trying to get me back?

We broke up a year ago. We dated for 5 months. I wanted it to be official but he wasn't ready for a relationship because he had to find himself. He was moving also away and it was doing to be hard to do long distance. I wanted it to work but he didn't. I got stubborn but also knew we needed to stop contact so i told him i had to block him then took him off my socials. 7 months passes he returns to my city. He bumps into my mom and asks about me and if im single. My mum told him to chat to me. We then planned a day, with no small chat. i waited that day, then he never showed. I got frustrated and thought thats it. I then bumped into him 2 months after and he was super shy. I approached him in a warm manner because i do still care about him but had moved on emotionally. I then asked why he didn't show up that day and he said it was because of nerves. I then left and emailed him that night and told him i do still care about him and i always will but i have to do whats best for us, then wished him well and that ill see him around. I bumped into him yesterday, and insisted on stopping me when i told him i was busy, so i did. he was so friendly to me, flirty, and kept trying to make me smile and laugh where i really wasn't giving anything but smiling and laughing and wasn't so chatty.

What is he thinking? Is he trying to woo me again?

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  • Why do you care? He's an ex. You will not ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. If you did get back together it'll be short lived


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