5-months no contact then he says Happy Birthday, why?

So it WAS kind of like a LDR.

We met online

Started talking a lot,
Then it was on and off,
Then a lot again (like every day, it was banter, flirting, fun, and about our everyday lives, so we talked about everything)
This went on for about 10-months (I know it's a long time)

Then I asked what are we, and where is this going.
(Bit of a back story, he lost his Dad 6-Months before this, while we were talking, I had lost my Mum just 6-Months before I met him, so I knew everything he was going through.)
So this question didn’t go down to well.
"Got too much on my mind to think about this further" - Was part of his response.

Then 5-Months later after no contact for this long (but we both never deleted or blocked each other off snapchat, still don’t know why, but I liked him that’s why I didn’t)
He sent me a snap, on my birthday, I said thanks nicely, no bitterness or anything

But that’s it,

Why did he bother saying Happy Birthday. I’m confused!

So my girlfriends think it’s a big thing that he remembered and that he messages, cause it takes guts for a guy to swallow his ego and talk again.

Need a guy’s opinion... HELP!


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What Guys Said 1

  • It doesn't take guts. He's horny


What Girls Said 1

  • He is not into you in a serious way. He said happy birthday because he was trying to be polite


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