Girls, when a guy asks you to Dinner, you know he's typically interested in you correct?

Someone who's not really a pre existing good friend

  • Yes I do assume a guy is interested as more than friends if he invited me to dinner
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  • No I do not
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  • Nope , some guys use dinner as a way to keep on sexing you. They only care about a good lay until they are bored.

    • Um, I am not the kind of guy, I just got her number last week and have never been overly flirty, you vote B I take it? You'd still realize the guy was interested as more than friends though so you should have voted A, anyway like I said I'm not that kind of guy

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    • Okay but the point is she knows I'm not just being friendly.

    • @Asker, well by all means, give it a shot

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