Should go for him? Advice pleaseee?

I got out of an abusive relationship a year ago.
Since then I've had something with 1 guy who it didn't work out well because im shy af and he's very forward, he's now dating one of my friends and im very happy for them.
A few guys have liked me or tried to go for me or had crushes on me in the past year but i rejected them all not being interested. Them being, my best friend, a friend, another friend, and 8 or so other guys that aren't my friends.
Im still a virgin, and being the last of all of my friends im basically sought after cause the guys in our town have some sick fascination with virgins.
Now there's this guy.
I liked him 2 years back a while before i got with my ex. But My friend (The one whos now happily wth my ex crush) had a thing for him so i left it.
Another thing, im extremely loyal and dont believe in going for my friends crushes or exes. Which is basically half of the towns population XD
So back to the point, there's this guy.
he's my age (a year or so older) and kindve known as the heartbreaker. Lots of girl have liked him or gone for him and most of the time he turns them down, except for a few that he dated and hooked up with.
he's admitted to liking me and i had thought so before cause he had shown all the signs. Everyone says he really likes me and we would be the perfect couple, but im just worried, because of the abusive ex and i feel like after him and that guy who my friend is with i can't open up again. And this boy deserves a lot more he's soo sweet and good looking and caring. I just i do think i like him but i dont know. I dont really know what liking someone feels like anymore. Should I just try?
Go for him, maybe date him and see how things go?
I really need your advice please :)


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  • not really


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