Why do these thoughts hurt so much?

Why do these thoughts hurt so much.

I keep thinking about my crush/love...

I just keep thinking about her and her boyfriend, She was telling me she was getting drunk at his place and they were watching Netflix. (She doesn't know what Netflix n Chill is)

But the thought of them having sex, and she says it was a boyfriend but it may have been a friends with benefits.

When they broke up, she was really hurt... She wanted marriage and kids, but I think he just was a "asshole, jerk, badboy" type who used her for sex, plowed the crap out of her for a couple years and then left her...

I just feel so hurt and lost, I loved this girl so much, and she had a boyfriend... Rejected me, and I can't even find a girl to date... and she has been through all that and it just kills me someone else had sex with her, and a chance to be her husband and be with her...

1. I am hurt that she rejected me and I'll never be with her.
2. I can't get any girl.
3. Even if I did have a chance with her, all I would think about is her and her ex.
4. It hurts that I love her, and she was with and will be with someone else
I feel so rejected...


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  • You are being perfectly unreasonable. People get involved in relationships and they can truly love each other during the relationship, but they end up breaking up for many reasons.
    You need to forget about said girl because she is not into you and you are wasting too much time thinking about her instead of doing ways to improve your situation in order to get yourself a girl

    • I am wasting a lot of time... but I just have feelings that hurt my heart and I don't understand them.

      I just feel so crappy about everything...

      Other girls don't want to date me either...

    • Just feel hurt...

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  • It hurts because you don't have enough friends.


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