Ok she realizes that we're dating so how do I go about it?

It took me a long time to get to the point where I'm at in life and I feel I got this finally. However I don't really understand dating too much. And since she and I know that what's happening , then how does it work?

Basically I'm asking for general advice, such as: when do I ask her to be my girlfriend? How will I know we're in love? Should I get a job? What are some great ideas for 3rd and 4th dates?

Not much... just need advice

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  • All these things are different for everyone, and for every relationship too. We each experience things differently, so there's no real set guidelines to follow when dating. You just have to go with your gut and trust your heart.

    I wouldn't rush into the gf/bf thing, let a few dates go by before making it offical. My boyfriend never asked me to be his girlfriend, it just happened and the term came into place. I felt special, he was treating me right and we shared the same feelings for one another, it took about a month of seeing each other that things became official for us two.

    As for getting a job, even part time would be great a idea. It'd give you some money and if you're going through school, it'll help with the costs too. But it's entirely up to you. If you feel you can hold responsibility of a job and feel thats what you want to do, then go for it! But remember, making time for the relationship is a key too.
    For the "In love" question, i know this is cliche but you will just know. Things will click right with this person, you'll enjoy their company, you will be excited to see her and want to share everything from your time to your personal stuff with her too. You'll be best friends, but also even more than that because it'll feel like you found that match. You will know you're in love when you come across it.
    If months don't pass, and the firs bit of lust fades away, you dont feel a connection or things become unsettled between you two, then you know it's not really love.
    It's the chances we take, and i do hope this girl will be a significant person and part in your life.

    For date ideas, it depends on you two and your personalities. If you know her interests maybe take her somewhere you know she'd enjoy. If she's into music, go see a local band play or attend a concert / stage night (where new muscians play, recite poetry, share creative writing, etc) you could treat her to lunch (nothing too formal) and go for a walk together, maybe enjoy the scenery of a hike if she's into nature. This is a good chance for pics too, if she likes photography.
    Take her to a movie, carnival, fair, craft shows, wine tasting if you two are into that. Think of things you both can enjoy, and that will give you time to learn more about each other.

    Keep it light, friendly and casual for now until you two become more familiar. Best of luck with your dates!


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