Should I and how to tell him I don't want sex before marriage?

so the deal breaker is that it's a long distance relationship and we did cyber sex sometime and he's so excited and looking forward to find a way and come see me soon but don't know how or whether i should tell him about it or not. he's really caring and understanding yet i found it hard to tell him because he've been into this a lot lately.. help.


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  • Tell him and tell him immediately. The longer you wait and feel him, the worse it is especially if it feels like you're teasing him.

    • you're right that's what's making me feel guilty about the whole thing, thank you!

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  • If you don't tell him low, it's just going to be worse the longer you wait. This is something that should have came up before you did anything sexual.

    • Now* not low.

    • yea true , but coward me stood in the way , i'll try to fix it tho , thanks :)

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  • You should tell him.. and you should just both sit and talk and say it straight. I know it's not easy but i believe that you can do it

    • you're so sweet thank you :) i will definitely do asap

  • Mmmm how doesn't he already know your saving yourself for marriage? It's one of the first things my guy knew about me and I am in a similar situation as yours (long distance).

    • so i understand that you did the right thing and that everything's great with your couple now and i'm happy for you , but just know that not everybody's you , personally i couldn't tell him at first i was going to and then i just thought maybe he'd find it weird or whatever.. but Not anymore so telling him as soon as possibl.

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    • well i am so probably he'll find it normal right?

    • Yeah if you're virgin he won't be surprised and he might understand.
      My guy is not a virgin but I'm also saving myself for marriage and he actually likes it.