Girls, If a man is very able to help you if you ever needed it and would, is that very attractive?

Ok, what I meant to say is if a man is very able to help you survive if you ever needed it and would is that very attractive?
Like if a man has a lot of money and you know that if you ever needed money he would help you or if a man has an extra room amd if you ever needed a place to stay he would help you. What do you think about things like that?


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  • Not really. I expect any partner to be able to help and put in an effort most times. Obviously no one can or should solve all of my problems (white night syndrome), but if I come to you for help I expect that my partner is going to at least put in an effort. I also expect them to not be sacrificing their own well being to help me. Like I wouldn't want them to do something that puts their life or career in danger or for them to take on more than they can mentally handle. So, long story short: no it's not particularly attractive but it's more of a basic component that most people should be able to provide, yet there are plenty of people who don't even manage to meet that.

    • Ok, if a man is very able to help you survive if you ever needed it and he would if you ever needed it is that very attractive?

    • I mean, it's appealing but not attractive. It doesn't make me like a person more and it kind of opens them up to being taken advantage of, which is rather unattractive actually. People don't respect doormats.

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