Guys, he needs a safety net for dates, why?

So a guy who I have quite a few mutual friends with started liking a lot of ny pics across 3 days on Insta so we started following each other. Finally he talked to me on Insta message then moved to fb and now we text and snap. It's been two weeks and without fail he messages me everyday

He's 29 and I'm turning 24 soon. Every plans he's made up until now have been a bit vague and with a safety net. For example he said Friday if we both don't work let's do something and I said yep sounds good, next day says sorry I have to work but continues to message non stop. After that says I think I have plans tomorrow night but can't remember what they are, wanna do dinner and a movie? I'll pick you up? I said that would be great and then he said okay let me double check my plans, then at 7am he bailed but said we'll go next week
I get a very strong feeling he's shy at first.. what do you think? Can I ask him if he's shy?


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  • Fawk!!! Dude. Lol! Waste of time. If a girl did that to me I'd be like... Auuuum lets just Skype and we cool. Cool? Coo!!

    • Skype? The whole point is to meet in person, it's not a conference call. Do you think he's a player?

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