Who plays the "Waiting Game"?

So the other day I had a date with this girl off Tinder and it was interesting. She lives right down the street from me, is new to my town, and had me pick her up from her place to go to the date despite that she had a car and we had not met beforehand.

We had a great date, went to 3 different bars, she got a little touchy feely with me, she met some of my friends/acquaintences i ran into at the bar that she seemed to get along with. Then towards the end of the date she said she had a great time, asked what I was doing this weekend and I told her I was busy but she said she wanted to chill when I was done. Then we kissed before she walked out of my car.

The next day, I text her with this video link of this video I showed her that she thought was funny and wanted me to send, and asked her about her test as she had a test the morning after our date but it's been 2 days since I texted her and still haven't heard back. She used to respond immediately to my texts and now this.

Did I come off as clingy by texting her the next day despite what happened at the end of the date? I just don't see why this has to be so complicated. It's like if you text a day or 2 after, you're needy but then if you wait too long then you're seen as not interested. It's like I'm walking on eggshells.

I'm gonna text her once again tomorrow, but if she doesn't respond then move onto the next one. But I just don't understand that if you both like each other and wanna keep seeing each other, then why do you have to play these bullshit mind games? Especially when both me and her are 27


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  • Maybe she was not that into the whole date. I mean, you sent her a text the next day, not the same night, so it had nothing to do with that.


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't text her. She knows you texted her, no reason to remind her. If she's interested, she'll text you back when she starts thinking of you. Give her the space she needs. You don't pet a cat when it doesn't want to be petted, do that and you're just going to get scratched.

    • Good analogy. Do you think texting her a day after the date was too soon?

    • meh it doesn't really matter, some girls like it some don't, either way it's not going to be a deal breaker for most girls. It's not like she's going to be "wow I had such a great date with such an amazing guy but he texted me the next day so lols no way I'm seeing him again". Now if it becomes a habit of you always initiating first and never giving her some time to think about you and miss you then it can become a problem since she'll think of you as needy. Your ultimate goal when dating a girl is to get her to chase you and that takes about a month to happen if things are done properly.

  • I think u did nothing wrong. It was maybe the exam that killed her lol especially if she had a hangover the next day.

    No but those waiting 3 days rule is stupid. If she doesn't text she might have problems or complexes but they shouldn't have anything to do with u. Just chill and pretend like u didn't even notice that she wasn't texting back


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