Friend request or message request?

My friend has recommended a girl for me who is the roomie of his friends with benefits.. I found her Facebook profile.. My question is.. Should I send a message directly to her or first send a friend request and if not accepted, message? Guys please suggest (P. S.:I cannot reveal anything about my friend.. And I'm a complete stranger)


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  • Friend request then if accepted message her. If not accepted don't message her? It probably means she's not interested. Or you could tell your friend she didn't accept then maybe his friends with benefits could tell her to add you?

    • As I said I'm a complete stranger to her.. So she might not add.. But my friend insists that his name shouldn't come out at any cost..

    • I mean tell your friend to tell his friends with benefits to talk to her and have her tell this girl to add you because you look like a good guy or something idk? Or have the friends with benefits chick pretend like she knows you.

    • Thanks anonymous on that suggestion.. But the problem here is that friends with benefits and my friend aren't completely in good terms right now.. So that is also a difficult proposition.. Thanks for the compliment that I'm a nice guy.. Yes I am..

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