Has anyone been in a situation like this if so how do these type of situations go and am I expecting too much?

I asked my friend why is he still dealing with me if i get in my feelings too much for him. He said im cool whatever that means. Even though we're not in a relationship i had expected something different from this situation for us to be friends who could have an actual conversation, maybe kick it sometimes, someone i could go to if i needed something and vice versa, and since we were sleeping with each other i did kinda think he would/should give me gifts to keep me happy nothing major but just something to show he cared and appreciated what i did for him and i would do the same for him. 2yrs we have been doing this and I've just been crying the whole time cause i dont know how to let go and i dont know how to get what i want from him. Im so scared to talk to him afraid he will leave me that i just kinda deal with it.


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  • Hey there, firstly I'm not being mean but I sense you have put up boundaries for yourself and expressed these to him but then you said he's been there for two years, are you the one who is restricting the progression of this relationship? What do you want with him? Xx

    • I would like for us to be friends and not just f*ck buddys its not something i ever wanted but i guess i didn't express that to him so its my fault for things being the way they are

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