How Do I Get Him To Let His Guard Down?

This man has been messaging me for the last 3 months, the more I talk to him, I feel its the man I haven't had contact with since May 2016, here are the facts why I think its him, when I asked him when he got my number (hes been texting on whatsapp) he said he keyed in wrong number, its a different number to the guy I know, so I looked to see if the person I knew had been using there whatsapp, they haven't used it in months, when I asked him his name he had same name, I asked him how many silblings he had, he told me, and then said u have one brother, which is true but didn't mention sisters, I asked him how he knew, he said I just read your mind, I feel this is the man from my past and he's fearful to tell me, in the past he had trouble opening up etc we parted on bad terms with him saying things in the heat of the moment, I knew at the time in the past he had lashed out before in the heat of the moment only later to regret it, and come back apologising, so after what he said i sent him a further text back in may which he didn't respond too, i have mentioned this guy to this person messaging and he said maybe he's lost your number why don't u try and message him one last time you don't know maybe something happened. How do I get him to let his guard down and tell me that its him, when I've asked him he denies it, he sent me 2 pics and one of the pics looked like a different person from the first pic he sent also, how do I find out and get him to admit its him?


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  • Tricky... You could try as he says and message the 1st guy back. Ignore the 2nd one at an exciting moment like you are going to tell him something he really wants to know and then after speaking to the first one for a while he might casually ask the question. Then you can pin him down and accuse him of lying to you. If they are not the same guy, you have regained the friendship of the first and as for the second one, you can return and it would be a test of his character to find if he is a nag. ;)

    • what would you say to the first guy im not sure what I would say as it has been a longtime?

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    • Yeah, just give it a go.

    • Thank you might just do that!

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  • Honestly? I don't think you should be talking to strangers and sharing so much information with them. I mean, who knows what they might do.

    • I'm only talking because I am 99 percent sure that its him whos messaging me, but is biding his time to tell me!

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