I need help with her please?

So I like this girl, and other people have been telling me that even though she ignores me and flirts with other guys, she does it because she likes me and wants to make me jealous. The problem is that it worked, and now I feel rejected.. even by a girl that likes me back. What can I do to get off my ass and go talk to her? Those damn feelings stop me every time..


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  • hey your still in highschool so no one can say sh$# to you about this. write her a note. simple and to the point. "your hot and awesome, I want to know you better" give it to her in passing then wait a few days for a response


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  • Approach her and ask her out. If she says no, move on. Yes, it's that easy

    • I actually only felt this way after I asked her if she liked me. She said she liked me as a friend, and people have continued to tell me that she likes me but is in denial. I just don't feel like she does because of the listed reasons above.

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