I think she's scared to accept how she feels. What can I do?

Hello everyone bit confused so any info would be awesome. So the girl I've been talking to pretty much seeing said that her feelings for me aren't as strong as when we first started getting close so to deal with my own hurt about this I have not been messaging as much as I used to and then a day passes not messaging her and she pops up out of the blue to ask how I am or what I'm doing saying I'm the only person she really talks too the thing I'm wondering is she scared of her feelings because her last relationship ended with her ex cheating on her I'm crazy about this girl so there's no way I would even dream of doing this to her but I don't want to be pushy because I understand how she feels with her trust issues so I'm just wondering if just being a good friend to her is the best way forward? Sorry this is long AF :D


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  • She is basically an idiot. She wants you to be close to her as a friend since she doesn't want to lose you, but she is not interested in anything more.

    • Thanks I mean that kinda stings to hear something like that but I suppose it's better than me looking foolish.

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