I dont know what I need to make out of my girlfriend behaviour sometimes, please help ! ?

Whenever we are together things are just awesome, she has a 4 yo daughter who also seems really fond of me.

however sometimes she does these things that give me the feeling like my attention isn't enough for her. like posting sad stuff on fb, changing her profile picture every now and then, having people adding her all the time on fb, she liking pictures of guys.

Yesterday she changed her relationship status into having a relationship with me, but when i looked for it, it wasn't there. So i told her i wanted to put it out on fb and she was holding back a bit. so i changed my fb status to in a relationship. but she hasn't done it so far. she was more busy with creating a back up for her iphone then with me.

some thing that also bothered me was how often she was talking about all these guy friends of her. im not a jealous or controlling guy but it just makes me feel weird. she has cut back on it, so thats fine with me.

I do want to tell her something in the way of me hoping she wants to cut back on the social media a bit. that i hope she respects my reasons for saying this, because i really love her and social media has no major part in my life but her and her daughter do. because sometimes i get the feeling she still has tinder and last time i did tell her something about her meeting up with a guy who only wanted to be friends through tinder. she went to his place with her daughter and i told her how it made me feel. i know she hasn't done anything wrong but its inapriopiate.

i feel like i should say something to her simply because she means a lot to me and if i wouldn't say this and just think everything is cool and acceptable its not a token of how much she means to me. i want to ask her if she wants to put our relationship on fb with me, as i did but she hasn't or if she isn't ready for it.


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  • you're getting worried, over her not defining the relationship over fb. SERIOUSLY?

    • selective reading or what? i dont give a flying horsefuck about fb, but i know she does. and she put on her fb and then deleted it. on my fb it says im in a relationship, yet she hasn't even paid attention to it so far. it bothers me that social media has such a big role in her life, she is 35, almost 36, has a 4 yo daughter and if she values me, she needs to realize that she has to cut back a bit on the social media thing. im not going to forbid her anything, she can have fb, fine but she needs to stop living in the fantasy that fb is her real life because it isn't. !

  • Dude. It's just facebook. You are actually being too demanding. I was with a guy 3 years into a relationship and none of us made it facebook official because we preferred keeping our lives private.


What Guys Said 1

  • You think too much. Be a male.

    • whic means i need to speak out?

    • That... and stop fucking worrying. Females are females... they will do whatever. Just gotta know when to stop em

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