How do I politely and permanently get rid of this annoying clingy guy?

It's a guy I've known for a month now. We went out 2 or 3 times. It was all friendly coffee and chat. He said some funny things, he didn't say anything impolite but with time his presence became so annoying. I said ok let's go now and he asked where I was going and I told him I was going to the library so he wanted to go with me. Another time I needed to take something from the gym and again he insisted to go with me. I was like fine and after that he asked what are we going to do now and I said I'm going home now. I'm very tired. Lol. So he walked me home -_- and I got in my apartment and I felt thank you God finally got rid of him. Then he sent me a text that I'm a beautiful and interesting girl and that he gets a little confused around me and I just said thanks. After that he texted me a lot of times hey, what are you doing bla bla bla and I didn't reply to any. And yesterday he asked me to go watch 50 shades darker and I said I couldn't, then he asked about the following day. -_- Dudeee, don't you get that I'm not interested! As he never really said he liked me or tried to flirt with me or kiss me (he just once asked to hug me), I'd feel like an arrogant bitch just saying out of the blue I don't like you and I have a boyfriend.


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  • I know the feeling. I am currently dealing with a similar guy. I told him I don't think we are compatible and he told me he just wants to be friends, but he still hits on me. I told him gently to stop and he is being way too persistent and that I am not into him and I won't ever be. I am thinking about blocking him and stop contacting him overall. That's what you should do too.

    • Thanks. I hope you got rid of him.

    • Hahaha yes. Thanks for the advice ♡ I haven't blocked him, I just ignored him and he stopped texting yey

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  • Tricky. You might feel like you're being arrogant, but as long as you word it well, you're not. On a personal level I appreciate straightforwardness. So text him, and make it clear. Be gentle, but firm, tell him the truth - tell him how his attempts were received by you and that you'd rather not stay in contact. You can't get away with not hurting him, but you can make it minimal by explaining in a non-humiliating way. Recognise he may have been trying to be a gentleman, and that you appreciate the thought, but make it clear he failed and weirded you out a little.
    If that fails, don't be afraid to just block him/delete him, because if he fails to respect your opinion then you need to.

  • Talk behind his back and lie about him like 99% of western women do?

    • Lol I'm not a western woman :P

    • lol, in that case tell him to stop talking to you and that you do not find attractive at all. Say you do not want to hang out with him at all. Say to his face and if he does not get the hint then that is on him not you.

  • You have already asked this before. Apparently you still haven't found a satisfying way to do it politelly so you will have to do it out of the blue.

    • No, I didn't. Maybe there's another girl with a similar problem. :D

    • I'm almost sure I have read this word for word just recently.

    • Lol maybe you have a deja vu :)

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