My 'nearly relationship' girl said she still cares about me, do I have a chance?

So we broke things off because i was moving away, however, i wasn't too much in it because i didn't know how long i would be able to be with her after being sent off to another state for work. She got upset and felt lead on, we dated for 4 and a bit months and i never made it offical even though i told her i want to. Anyway, we decided to break contact and she took me off her socials (without telling me why). Its been a year now and im back in town working then bumped into her, i was nervous as hell, however she was super quirky. We only chatted for a bit then she left. Then i organized to see her one Friday night after work, but then freaked out and canceled. I then bumped into her at work again after 2 months and chatted for a bit then she asked why i didn't show and i told her in,'pussied out'. She then emailed me that night and told me she had to take me off her socials because she thought it was 'for the best for both of us' and she 'didn't want to make me jealous and come across as she is playing games'. She also said that 'she still cares about me and always will', then ended it with 'you deserve the best and you deserve to be happy, you are a great guy with an amazing heart. Ill see you around x'

Do i still have a chance to get her back? I will be at her work place every 2 months from now on...

Girls i need your advice please!!☺️
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  • she probably only sees you as a friend.


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  • Don't waste your time, man.

    • Why? I feel like I've let a keeper go though

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    • News also came out that i hung out with my old ex, which i did but did nothing, then my old ex went all stupid on facebook with photos and then the next week, the girl i actually like, took me off socials.

    • also judging by the email, she sounds like she just sees you as a guy friend

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