I've got a first "date" with a guy next week, what should I do?

So I've been talking to this guy and he asked if we wanted to meet up next week. We've been out once together alone but it was to first kinda officially meet as friends not as anything special. We've been talking for ages and as friends (I think) but I like him and I'm not sure if he asked me out and a friend or for anything else. What should I do when we go out and do you think it's more of a date?


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  • Calm down bitch I think he likes you back


What Girls Said 1

  • Not sure this time around town, he is Asking if 'We wanted to meet up next week' with much of the Same, Friends with no Benefits, neither.
    Go Slow with Joe until you See Some, hun, Certain Sign that this Time, may Give you a Helpful Hint of his Purpose. He might Want something More in Store like to be Steady Eddy or just to Continue to be a Friend to the End.
    A Helpful Bat of an Eye lash Might not Hurt to see what's in his own Heart.
    Good Luck. xx


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