What should I do now?

So, me and my crush (he is shy) both like each other. Now, we only actually meet twice a week. And one of those times is in dance classes.

We look into each other's eyes a few seconds then both look away and smile. However, we don't say anything or talk very little because we are both kinda shy around each other (even though I am usually very outgoing). We text a lot though.

Now, what do I do next? Other than small compliments, I wish I could do something else. I mean, when I told him that I like him it was over text and we haven't spoken about it since then. It's a bit awkward when we meet because we both know what is going on but neither of us has the courage to say it (he, because he is shy and i because I want him to make a bigger move too...).

This is soo weird hahah...


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  • Just say:
    Hey! Wanna hang out sometime?


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