When should I message her after date?

I matched with a girl last weekend on a dating app and we were messaging each other on Whatsapp pretty much constantly throughout the week, we seemed to get along really well. We went on a date last night and it went pretty well - we kissed a fair bit and got pretty drunk although this may have been just on my side.

Today she has been pretty silent. I asked her how she was this morning and she replied just saying she was a bit hungover.

Haven't heard from her all day today. Should I message her or just play it cool?


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What Girls Said 2

  • just text her " I hope you feel better" so she knows you're thinking about her

  • She's probably too ill to message considering she was hungover. She'll be poorly all day lol You could always send one more message later and ask if she's recovered from her hangover. Then see if she responds. If not , don't message again


What Guys Said 1

  • Give it till tomorrow. Let her process a bit and get on with stuff not related to you, talk to her friends about the date and stuff like that. Then she'll be ok to talk once she's had some headspace.


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