Guys, describe to me your dream girl?

Please describe, in as much detail as you can, the traits that would make up your ideal girl, including looks, personality, quirks, abilities etc. If you could, please list the traits in order of importance. Thank you! I appreciate it!


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  • There are SO many factors to this question, but lemme try to answer it as best as I can. Note: this long-as-crap answer is going to be very subjective and particular to my taste. I can't speak for other guys, and it's impossible for me to try.

    -- Long hair. I'm not a fan of the look of short hair. I've never seen a girl I like better with shorter hair vs longer hair. Medium length hair looks good too, just I like long hair best.
    -- Miscellaneous hair qualities: ... preferably a natural sort of color. No preference, just especially not dyed dark red. I like wavy the best, but straight is also awesome. I've not much of a style preference, but I suppose I like the looks of hair down or ponytail best.
    -- I can't really say much specifically about eyebrows, nose, or mouth. I either like the look or I don't.
    -- Eye color: I like blue the best, although I find eyes in general cool so nothing is a turn off.
    -- Weight: Preferably slim but healthy. Not a big fan of what people are calling "curvy" these days. It's a spectrum.
    -- Boobs/butt: There are two types of guys in this world: breast or ass men. I fall into the former. Someone could have a pancake ass and it wouldn't phase me lol. Kinda weird going over this, but I'd say I'm more of a large-but-still-proportional breast kinda guy. That is not to say people with breasts of other sizes is a turn off, but it just isn't a preference.
    -- Height: Although I'm 6'4", as long as the girl wasn't drastically taller than me, and above 5' or so, it's fine with me. I wouldn't want to discredit someone based on height.
    -- Fashion choices: Don't care. I find longer sorts dresses really pretty and I like the color blue as well.
    -- Age: Somewhere near my age.

    -- Fun, willing to take a laugh. (Seems weird, but being around someone who never laughs/jesters back at ones jokes can make things awkward a bit fast.)
    -- "Smirky smile." For some reason, I find the expression where it isn't a full-out teeth smile to be alluring.
    -- "Chuckle laugh." I find it really cute when a girl does a "haha" giggle where it isn't a full laugh. Some people do it when they're nervous. Tough to explain-- I don't know why. Also alluring.
    -- They communicate but still hold regards for one's feelings. That is, they're honest but will still not intentionally try to spite one.
    -- Similar interests as me. I have found it is a turn on when someone says they are into art/music. It's like a bonus when they listen to similar stuff I do

    • [continued]
      -- Kind / compassionate / generic stuff one would expect
      -- Committed/will follow through on things. It's part of being honest I suppose.
      -- Likewise, another thing I'm looking for if I'm interested in a girl is if they are interested in me. That is, if they are reciprocating my approaches.
      -- Extroversion/Introversion doesn't bother me. I just find it a turn off if they completely overwhelm me by talking circles around me and won't give me space. I think somwhere in the middle is best, but I dunno.
      -- Arrogance is a huge turn off. Self respect is good, but I mean like looking down upon others or holier than thou attitudes.
      -- Another huge turn off is a "my way or the highway" philosophy. This is something I noticed I detested quite recently. I've met people who basically go and personally attack others for their valid thoughts. It's a HUGE turn off if I feel I have to censor myself around the person because I don't want them exlploding and creating drama.

    • Welp, and that's basically my ideal person head to toe. I could keep adding personality things until I'm blue in the face, but a lot of those things are just kind of 'felt' in initial impressions. Oh and I may have missed some things, but hopefully this provides a pretty solid picture.

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  • I love these types of questions, you get all the liberty to add what you want or desire. So she'd be like this, a good hearted person, kind to others, is committed to her career and still understands how love and career can still function together. she's very faithful and we trust each other one hundred percent. she'd not believe in random stuff like destiny or signs of love or something, we get along nicely, we know our pros and cons, she has to accept my cons first and then my pros. she doesn't get swayed by random people, she won't be a groupie ever. she has her own hobbies and passions. the love we have would be from knowing each other more and of course attraction and aesthetics is there but I won't give attention to aesthetics that much as long as she stays healthy. looks wise, she should be good looking of course but not like super hot, I love normal, she doesn't do too much make-up, wears normal clothes, not designer ones ( no ripped jeans please), she wears clothes because that's a necessity, not a style statement. finally she's helpful, I love to work around the house but as you move in together I don't want only her to be the one doing it or only me doing it, team work :) I can actually go on and on but I think you might have goten the idea, thanks for asking this question :) Now I'll go and listen to some cute love songs

  • 1. Having a great personality.
    2. Friendly and social
    3. Great cook and artist
    4. Loves me for who I am
    5. Self respecting and hard working
    5. Long and brown hair
    I know it's a lot but having a girl like this can make my life more worth it! Hope you found your answer!

  • Can she have a bod like this though

  • Lindsay Stirling but not a Mormon.

    • You would have went nuts if you saw my Ex. I went out with this girl who looked IDENTICAL to her. She even weighed around 100lbs soaking wet. When Lindsay Stirling came out I thought it was her because they sound the same too. I thought it was odd that she learned all of these skills so quickly. I had to look lindsays past up.

      It was around 7yrs ago.

  • I like girls that are a bit shy but open up when you get to know them, girls that like to read and don't talk to a million guys at once (especially on Snapchat), intelligent and cute (really don't care about body type, just not morbidly obese)

  • she has to believe in this ever last word nothing symbolic

    and just look decent
    after that im good if not I will never date her

  • Looks: Has blonde hair, blue eyes, C cups, a decent sized ass, is shorter than 5'11". Personality: Intellectual, Positive outlook on life, rejects traditional notions of masculinity/femininity, very rational and stoic, and funny.

  • This answer might be a tad disappointing but I stopped believing in dream girls when I met a girl who did not fit my dream idea whatsoever (different body type, different personality, different interests, etc) and fell in love with her.

    She was better than any dream girl I ever imagined since she was real.

    Since then I stopped believing in the idea of a "type". I have instead developed a list of negative qualities I definitely don't like in a girl based on actual experience, but I don't have a specific type of girl I prefer. All I prefer are those who don't have the negative qualities I've come to definitely find I dislike.

    • If I compare it to food, I definitely don't like food that is extremely sweet. I've tried many that fit this category and don't like any. But I'm open to trying any new kind of food that isn't very sweet.

    • Some qualities I've found I definitely dislike (though not necessarily deal-breakers, I can make exceptions):

      Things I don't like:

      - Unambitious
      - Overweight
      - Hypersensitive, easily-offended
      - Big boobs (especially fake)
      - Incompatible sense of humor (or a complete absence of it)
      - Never drinks (too incompatible with me)
      - Not very outgoing/social (too incompatible with me)
      - Lacking spontaneity

  • Looks: Big eyes, cute, good body, nice hair
    Personallity: Nice, open minded, smart, socializing
    Quirks: Should be a surprise
    Abilities: good at sex, organizing, finances, household stuff

  • A girl who is kinky and fun to be around with. She likes motorcycles, horses, hiking, camping, hitting the clubs/bars scene, going to museums, traveling, etc. She has a great career or working towards one. She likes wearing leather.

  • looks:
    1. Burnett's or redhead
    2. average build
    3. DD's
    4. Milf (call me weird but perfectly smooth skin is a turn off for me)
    5. hazel/steel grey eyes

    naughty and provocative yet classy and not slutty (able to flash body parts yet is covered enough for fancy restaurant)

    timid, shy, brave, adventurous, curious, fearless, polite, confident, respectful, naughty, flirty, dirty, coniving (start with that list)

    classy yet oblivious
    intelligent yet careless

    my ideal woman would enjoy how I continuously push boundaries sexually. a woman I can literally slam around the bedroom as she wraps her legs around me and rides me when I'm standing or put on my fist like a puppet. yet she needs to be able to appear sophisticated and conservative. basically I want either the con-artist type, retired working girl type or CEO type with a high libido and open mind

  • Mature, A beautiful soul, A deep and a rare mental connection between us, loyal, honest, having inside beauty.

  • A little shorter than me, blondish brownish hair, pearly teath, a neutral skin tone but not pale, small ears, medium sized eyes, slim face. Skinny but not all the way to the bones, just normal skinny. I don't care how big her breasts or butt is, I'm a man but I am not looking for a Barbie or a sex toy just a soul mate. Strong to defend herself, but smart and friendly. Interested in books and video games, likes to travel and isn't bothered with quickly. She's able to cook and clean but doesn't have the need to do it because I also now. Loving but not overwhelmingly. And last but not least is not afraid of getting married and having children.

  • she has to be an alien

  • Insert unrealistic standards here*🔛

  • Long, dark brown hair, just long enough to cover the nipples of her large breast

  • She's not the hottest bombshell ever. She doesn't have large breasts or a huge ass. She has eyes that light up even in pitch black, skin that's soft and loving. She hates her nose, she wishes she had bigger breasts but I think she's the most beautiful girl I've ever meet. Her hair is soft and homely. Her smile is carefree.

    She's there for me when no one else wants to be. She still loves me when I hit an embarrassing low. She forgives me if I take her for granted. She's easily the strongest girl I've ever cared to meet. She's shy and unsure of herself but that never stops her from trying. I've seen her fall apart and even then she would never give up. She's just like me, a stubborn asshole. Someone who would rather fail miserably than give up at anything so we get to do both together.

    We could look eachother in the eyes and instantly end up on the same wavelength. As if we just had a full conversation. She want's a family. She's not sure how many kids but a few. Family is very important to her, maybe even a little more important than I am to her. She's more intelligent than she realizes. She trusts me completely. She's mine and I'm her's. And that's all either of us really want.

  • A girl who understands guys can be emotional, down to earth, she's smart, confident and doesn't play games...

    She is open and honest with you...

    The perfect girl will just be like a friend, it will seem so natural and you can talk for hours without realizing it.

    She's not fake, she doesn't care about attention, she loves you for who you are

  • blonde hair, medium boobs


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