How can I tell if he's genuinely looking for a girlfriend?

Next weekend I'm going on a date.
The guy's dating profiles say that he is looking for a girlfriend.

After being treated badly by men in the past and a succession of duds, this guy seems to have sparked something in me, yet I am questioning my feelings now.

what ways can I tell he's not just using these sites for only hook ups, or that his intentions might be real?

We text a lot. There has been flirty and sexual banter but he said at that point, "all jokes aside, I love the dirty stuff but there's just something about you." We stayed up late a lot of nights discussing deep thought provoking stuff.

We we live an hour apart and originally he had said he would come to me. When we were finalising plans and I gave him the option he asked if that would be ok to go to him. I have a car so easier and I don't mind. He is showing me his city and taking me to photo hot spots as that is a passion of mine.

I can't decide if the anxiousness is due to the possibility of it being something or a gut instinct.

anyone been through this? Any help more than welcome.


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  • I think you need to relax. This is whats called PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE. Bravo for doing so... but don't ruin it by questioning everything. When you are with him ask him about his future and what he wants out of life. Where does he see himself in 5 years? Simple questions like these will allow him to show himself for who he really is and most importantly give you the ammunition to decide on if this is something you want to pursue!

    • Thank you so much. I think the fear is of constant issues with the guys so I keep getting knocked down and getting back up again. I just need to breathe and let it be.

    • Good luck... hope you report back and let us know how it went?

    • I will do definitely!

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  • It's kinda impossible I guess, but maybe the best way is to not set your expectations too high unfortunately

    • Yeah I keep telling myself the others didn't work out so why should this. But then on the flip side that makes me feel negatively about him.

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    • it's ok :) good luck with him, I hope he's nice

    • You and me both ha ha

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  • I think you should actually give him a chance. However, before deciding to sleep with him, you should ask him if he's interested in being serious with you.


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