I don't really get this?

So me and this girl have been texting all day long the last couple of days. She's even sent me a couple of pictures of herself to me and honestly it seems like she's into me especially since she's usually the one to text me first. But then it seems like she never actually wants to hang out with me. I invited her the other day but she had to work. Now I'm inviting her again for tomorrow and she said she might hang out with her friend but that she probably won't. I said hang out with me then 😂 And she's just like possibly. I mean I thought if girls were into someone they'd hop on any hands to hang out with that guy their into. Any reason why she won't?
  • she's not interested
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  • She just wants to be friends
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What Girls Said 1

  • she's playing hard to get and teasing


What Guys Said 1

  • It might be a guy. Anyone can get snaps off the web.

    • I know it's not cuz she's in my class and we'll talk about shit we were texting about

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