Cheated and haven't told them?

What's your story?


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  • I had a very brief fling a couple of years ago. It only lasted a couple of months and it was during a really rough time for my partner and I.
    We were going through a court case with my ex at the time and it was consuming pretty much every part of our relationship.
    I'd stopped feeling like myself and I was stressed and miserable, and when I got involved with someone else , it was an escape. He made me laugh and he did make me feel like me again. I used to look forward to seeing him in that really excited way. Being with him was addictive and I used to feel almost high from it.
    At that time, I needed that. It was like stepping out of my normal life and being able to breathe again.

    What stopped it was realising what I was doing to my partner. He didn't have to stay around and deal with everything that was going on with my ex but he did. He was miserable from it all too, but he put up with it and stuck by me, and I was throwing it back in his face.
    I've never spoken to him about because I couldn't hurt him like that after everything we've been though.
    What happened with this other guy was about me, not because I don't love him.

    That was then and things have moved on. It doesn't matter anymore

  • Cheated once and didn't regret it. He was a dick anyway


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  • hahaha... that was a long time ago... i dont cheat now. Karma smacked me like 4-5 years ago... i went straight since then.


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