Is this a good indication that he's into me?

I'm 26, been seeing a guy who's 32. I went against my better judgement when we got had too much to drink at a bar and ended up sleeping with him that night I met him. :(
I did not expect a call back. Since then, he's continued to want to date me. Real dates, like out to dinners and breakfasts and things around the city. On fridays and Saturday's even if he's tired from work and I tell him we can postpone. He isn't vocal about whether he likes me or not but he will want to cuddle me often and he has never initiated the sex (I have). He isn't all over me and some dates we've had do not result in sex which he seems unbothered by. He seems more into being around each other than boning each other's brains out like the guys I've dated who were younger.

We've both had the talk about what we're looking for which is companionship and a partner, ultimately marriage and maybe kids. He says he's ready to do that within 2-3 years of meeting the right woman. He is shy but has invited me to events where his friends will be. I couldn't go last time because of family plans, and this time I declined because I'm worried about how he'll introduce me. We haven't made it official since it's still early days but I'm wondering if it's leading to that because he seems to want to continue to see me, and I him. He is a real catch, but very reserved and hard to read. He is even more introverted than I am.
Does this seem like it's going anywhere? I don't want to get my hopes high and start getting attached.


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  • Yeah it is


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