My girlfriend just told me she is going to see fifty shades darker with an old ex. Do I have a right to be mad?

I'm out of town with work at the moment and have just received a text from my girlfriend that she is hanging out with an old hook up and going to see fifty shades darker alone with him. she asked if she can hang out with him back in summer and I said no way as he messages are creepy. I know they kept it contact a little on text but not this.

granted she did tell me but not until she was out. I find that her going against my wishes is wrong and the fact it's an ex and fifty shades is odd. it looks like a date to me as they got a meal too.

The messages


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  • That's a big explanation of bumping into the ex. I find it a little suspicious tbh.

    What annoys me about it is that she knows how you feel and totally disrespected that. Regardless of whether she believed you were sleeping or not she could have sent a text beforehand.

    She should know to only hang out with this guy when other people are around not on a 121 basis.

    Result: yes, you have a right to be made.

    • It's all very suspicious to be quite honest with you and I'm so mad. she seems so defensive and digs the preverbial grave. it's not like they are even hanging out in a group as you said it's dinner and a movie. fifty shades isn't porn; not by an means but there is a certain atmosphere.

      my question? what male who is just a friend agrees to see this move? he's playing a game

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    • she is acting dumb

    • She will say it was all harmless and meant nothing.
      She's already lined up her defence = he wasn't flirting with me or anything.
      He just likes to win and will play dirty to do that.
      You need to tell her to make better choices in situations like this.

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  • Lol at the "I love you" xD You know she cheated and is trying to make it look like nothing happened.
    Sorry dude :/

    • You think so? it's all so weird. Like right away she is on the defense

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    • Exactly, and the movie isn't 4 hours long...

    • True as well!

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  • I didn't even read the message but I will just say this. If she can't respect your relationship with her, then she has to go. Never on any circumstances should anybody do something like this. Even on good terms with an ex. It's flat out wrong when you already told her to leave him alone, it's makes the relationship rocky and more complicated when they are involved. I would not stand for this. Again, you can't control what she does but you can control the situation, and that's ending it. Now. That way she can go to the movies with him, no doubt she is cheating, but you won't be around ever again.


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  • They gon' bump uglies...

  • Too suspicious. Especially since it's a movie with an ex. Stay alert.

    • I just didn't know if my emotions clouded my judgement. it's a real kicker because she knows I don't want her to: she can't plead ignorance

    • No I don't blame you. She knew you would have a problem with it and she still went anyway. That's disrespectful and you need to have a serious talk with her once you're ready.

    • I need to but it's just so bizarre lol

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