He said he wants to spend his life with me?

I've known him for seven years. We most recently decided to see if there is anything more. he told me he loves me and he wants to spend his life with me. I feel the same way about him I love him so much but im kinda scared because two of my sisters and my mama been married and now they are divorced from their husbands. If I were to get married I want it to last for a lifetime. I know there will be some hard times but it would be worth it. I don't believe in divorce unless it's an abusive relationship. well thanks for any advice or comments.


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  • Your mom and your sisters are not you. Just trust your gut, it is a big commitment, but good things in life don't come without hard work and taking risks.


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  • You have to let that fear go if you want to even make that step. Marriage is not easy and isn't for everyone. It is within your right to get married. But if you two are very certain that this is what you both want, and who can stop you? It is your choice and his. You should discuss your concerns and worries to him, not to us. You have interest in him. But how badly is your interest in marriage? Think about this seriously. You two should only be together if you equally desire each other for such a union.

    • you are right. I just wanted some advice . I strongly feel ready for it but seeing how my mom's and sisters' marriages came to an end made me second guess myself. which it shouldn't have.. I want to thank you for the good advice.

    • No problem. Give your doubts and worries to God. And make sure this is the ste9l he wants you to take with this man.

    • Agreed

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  • The best way to insure that a marriage last is to build a relationship with the person and have total trust in one another. A marriage should feel like you are dating your best friend not a lover. Finally you both should want the same things, which it sounds like you do, in moving forward with each other.


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