Guys, what can I do at this point?

hello im going to make this as short as possible.. i had a relationship with this great guy.. he is everything i could have ever want or ask for.. long story short i started to become a little needy and clingy.. he expressed how his last girlfriend was like this and that he doesn't want to deal with it in a new relationship.. he gave me another chance but i continued with this behavior.. long story short he broke up with me... i have let time pass and we have started talking again.. he texts me all day long give or take a few hours in between because of work and school... and everyday. we have very good conversations making each other laugh and bringing up old funny memories.. i obviously want him back but am in no rush to try and do so.. the reason being is that i really want to change and fix this about myself because if i dont and we do get back together i will just ruin things again and for good.. and if i were in a completely different relationship i would do the same thing eventually... so i want to know what i need to do at this point on how to fix this about myself and also what i need to be doing in the mean time to be showing him that im changing...


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  • Well this sounds a lot like my previous relationship. My ex was needy, I found it cute most times, but I have a weird personality, don't like to show those kinds of emotions all the time. And I like having time for myself without feeling like I have a pressure to get back to my girlfriend as soon as possible. If that makes sense. I guess what I advised my girlfriend to do was to find stuff for her to do, like have her own space for herself, to play games, write, go out with friends, etc. That way I felt less pressured. It took a lot from her to change but she did it and I did appreciate it. So hm I don't know where I'm going with this... I guess take your own conclusions out of all that? I ramble too much sorry!

    • Well yeah I see what ur saying and this would be the perfect advice if me and him were still together lol but we're not... I'm asking what can I do now to show him I'm not going to be like that anymore

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    • Yeah I know the struggle Im barely level 2 hah

    • I messaged you don't know if you got it

  • Find something you are passionate about that you can find happiness in.


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