Should I be upset?

Ok so i live in houston now and I've been talking to my ex for about 2 weeks every thing seem good. I go back to my home town were she lives which is 4 hrs away to pick up w2 and other paper work. I tell her im going and want to see her she tells me of coarse that she miss me she can't wait. I get to town i pick her up we hang out for like 5 hours every thing going good. i drop her off at a friend she tell me to call around 8 so we can go out i agree. I call her no answer text same thing. I get on facebook and she is going out with somefriend i call again no answer.


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  • I'd be upset if I were you as well, but I wouldn't choose to communicate with her. I'd block her and stop contacting her.


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  • No. Just move on man. Exes are exes for a reason. Whether she or you ended it, clearly she has moved on already

    • I agree^ y'all broke up for a reason and probably won't go back to how you were before the breakup, just leave em alone

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    • just don't even bother to do that.

    • Yeah your right

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