Is it something worth waiting for/pursuing?

Okay so there's this girl I've been best friends with since my sophomore year in High school. Junior year I came out as transgender to her and all my friends (mtf) and she helped me through my problem whenever I needed someone to talk to. senior year came along and I realized what I felt was wrong so I stopping doing anything with the trans stuff. So senior year I asked her out and when we started dating she still treated me like a friend and I like intimacy, but I received NOTHING. The trans feelings came back and I told her because she deserved to know. She broke up with me for it because she said she doesn't want to be lesbian and I accepted that. well this happened 2 more times after the first all through senior year. After we graduated in like... June? I tried to get back together with her. She was leaving for college in Georgia and I told her how much she meant to me before she left which created a hole in my heart knowing she was gone. I cried for 2 days after she left but eventually stopped. So fast forward 6 months (in that time we talked off and on. Snap, text, etc.) So I wanted to get back with her still and I asked her if there was a chance for us and she flat out said no. Her reason was distance and my problem... which is completely gone because of an experience I had (unbelievably amazing!) and I was kind of upset that she brought it all up again. In that same month I asked her again and she said I do still have feelings for you and I do love you, I just don't know if what I'm doing is right, I'm gonna ask my friends. So she did, and she asked me to fly to Georgia (I'm in Cali) and I was thrilled! I was Gonna buy my ticket and be there by early April of this year! Well we talked yesterday about it and we were both excited! 5 minutes later she calls me back saying don't come. I can't commit I don't want to wait 4 years for you it'll just hurt me waiting that long and I'm sorry we can't be together.. she builds up my hope, then tears me down.. advice?


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  • It's extremely hard but you should probably let go. She's too weak to be sure of herself and that's not the type of person you need in your life. You've done everything you can and she isn't accepting and appreciating that like she should. It's time for you to do what's best for you and move forward!

    • but she also said that if we cross roads in the future than maybe something can happen. I've been trying to move on for months now.. I know I'm still young, but I love her and I was taught that when you find the one you'll just know and thats exactly how I felt with her. So it's extremely hard to let go. It's like letting go of her is letting go of a piece of my heart

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    • okay.. should I start trying now? or wait till after I'm enlisted. I plan on leaving within 4 months

    • Go ahead and start now 🤗. You show people you don't need to be enlisted to be strong! You're confident in who you are mentally, so just continue to reassure yourself of that and let everything come naturally 😁.

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