Girls, What do you feel like would make you more likely to survive? Do you feel happier when you get more of those things?

Like for guys I think that guys would say that something like driving a ferarri or lamborghini would make them feel like they are more likely to reproduce (or seduce a woman who would produce a baby that has a good chance surviving). But I think for women it possibly makes you happier being more likely to survive than more likely to reproduce and the other way around for men. Maybe. This idea could be wrong. So, what kind of thing would make you feel like you are more likely to survive? A lot of money? A bunch of friends? What kind of things? Thanks
Sorry everybody, I feel lime this was possibly a bad thing to talk about. I wish I could delete this. Sorry everybody. And this stuff is probably wrong. Sorry.
I thought I would be able to delete these questions. Sorry everybody.


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  • Oxygen, water, food, shelter and clothing. That will make me more likely to survive.

    • Ok. Sorry about this question. I think it was probably ridiculous.

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    • I think I was wrong about the stuff I said. Sorry everybody.

    • Dude, stop.

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