If there benefit in trying to get a girl to see her true value?

She has really low self esteem and constantly calls herself a piece of shit and she dates guys that don't truly care about her and only wanna use her for sex. She asked me should she just stay single and what if she's a bad person. I Respond your not a bad person you hurting inside all the pain that you suffered through the years you have internalized. I told her she's a really sweet good looking girl who deserves a guy who's gonna truly treat her right and make her happy.
Thanks again


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  • women like that will learn on their own time. girls like this will end up sleeping around. because her self esteem is so low, as soon as she gets upset with you or feels insecure, shell be looking for male attention for validation and probably cheat.

    im so sorry to say this, but you can't do what her father didn't do for her. you can be a FRIEND to her, but dont try to date her. honestly she does need a friend but make sure you are doing this for the right reasons and not because you wanna play captain save a hoe

    • I am I really wanna see her with a good person

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  • Does she like you romantically?


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  • Um there a benefit to showing anyone there true value. If you really want to show her how special she is then lead by example. Set the standard of what she should expect when she gets with guys.

    • Yeah I really wanna see her happy

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    • Really to get a lot people to answer it has to be a common or broad topic so people feel like they can commit with ease.

    • It not an active time for the G@G community try in 12hrs and see if that changes anything.

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