Should I feel bad about hooking up with other guys?

I've been "dating" this guy for 5 months now. He hasn't made things official, (could be partly due to the fact that he could leave this country, as he isn't a citizen). He told me "you can date other guys, and you can hook up with them. I know you have your needs and I'm not always there". And he went as far to say one night when we were both drunk "I think you're thinking further ahead than I am. I think you're more serious than I am. It's not that I'm not serious about you. I AM serious about you. But, at the same time I'm not". I was seriously confused upset by this, and then asked him what he meant. He told me "don't take what I said to heart. It's not 100% how I feel. Wait until I'm not drunk".

I was left confused and upset by this. However, if I were to hook up with another guy, should I feel bad about this? Should I start thinking less seriously like he does? All I know is, I keep getting my feelings hurt.


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  • I would think less serious because he doesn't seem to be trying to make a commitment to you in any way.

    Be with the man that you want to be with, that makes you happy.

    • How else can I help you out? I don't know if my answer was as helpful as I would have liked. lol

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    • Can I ask you something in PM?

    • Yes. Go ahead

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  • I think he has made it quite clear he doesn't want to be serious and isn't ready for a commitment of any kind. You are single so yes, you can hook up with other guys but this isn't really healthy if your intentions are to fill the void of him not being interested in you more while you are.

    Also if you keep getting your feelings hurt, then MOVE ON! If you are more upset and confused in this "relationship" then you know it is probably not meant to be and that he is not your mate, even if it may have felt like that.


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  • Well, he's giving you the green light to hook up with other dudes, so you shouldn't feel bad... I mean, maybe you will feel bad because you consider it morally wrong, I know I personally would.


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  • The fact that he's saying it's okay to get with others guys says a lot. It seems like he doesn't really see a future or anything with you. If I were you I'd move on and find someone else instead of wasting your time here with this guy.


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