A girl I met in school played me. how do ik for a fact that I should give up on talking to her?

I met this girl 3 months ago at first it was her chasing me but then eventually as time passed the roles switch. she didn't like it when I talked about other girls but yet she thought it was fine for her to hang out with guys and talk about guys in front of me. As soon as the Semester ended she started making excuses no to hang out. we got in a argument and didn't talk for two weeks and out of no where she message me saying sorry for being so selfish a month later im trying to convince her to hang out on Friday but she said she mad plans with her girlfriend. the Friday I message her and she stop replying around 12pm and did not reply back to me till 12am. the next day she message me saying guess what? I saw my ex I started feeling butterflys and I told him about us and all the things we have gone through. we talked things out and agreed on having dinner (keep in mind she knew I liked her a lot) so I told her it wasn't a good idea to hang out this Monday but eventually changed my mind. so we meet on Monday and she was acting super distant and acting like a ass like she didn't care we hanged out for only 20mins becausw I felt she didn't want to be with me at all. I didn't have the guts to tell her I didn't want to talk to her. instead I message her saying sorry. and she replied sorry for what? that was the last time we texted its been. month. and just recently I saw her at school and we made eye contact i acted like i didn't know her and she got an awkward look on her eyes but before she saw me i saw she looked sad and a bit lonely it broke my heart I really wants to go up to her and say hi but I've honestly kissed her ass way to much. instead I acted like idnt know her. now my question is should i move on or message her. like I really care for her?


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  • Move on for now, if she really feels bad about the things she's done and how she's acting , she would be the first to approach you and give you the attention you've shown her. Let her do her thing , if she really does like you and miss you she will come back on her own terms and reach out to you first

    • like ik for a fact she is stubborn. so. even if she cared she wouldn't message me. this was our second time arguing and the first time I told her if we ever argue again to never message me again

    • I can't be hypocritical since I've been guilty of doing the same thing as her, I dont know if you feel like the only way you two would talk again is if u message her first , and you miss her enough , go for it. it has been a whole month right? Ig that's enough waiting time

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