Dating and in a bind?

Small world or things happened for a reason? You be the judge lol

Met this wonderful man. We have been dating and it's time to meet the fam/friends.

Problem? I already met his so called friends in the past. In various ways but I never knew they were HIS friends and I cannot stand them and vice versa. They've been friends since high school. We've only been dating for 7 months.

Do you believe this will play a huge factor in us dating?


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  • Unfortunately, yes I believe it will play a huge factor. I mean, in one of my relationships, my ex and I had the same group of friends and even though we liked each other, they were constantly being nosy and getting in the way.

    • That's also been a strain in our relationship. He tells them all our dann business.

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  • better to forget past and cherish your present. who knows he may be your gift also


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