I've been talking everyday with a guy for past 10 months, we had minor but cold argument and are not talking, does he miss me?

We had the fight in the morning
In the past we've had small arguments that ended in at least one week of not talking and he always initiates contact
I initiate contact rarely
Does he miss me when we aren't talking?
Guys do you generally miss the girl you're into if you have a fight and aren't talking? what do you think during that time?


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  • If he initiates conversations all the time, probably. Unless your argument was about something he'd drop you over, in which case no, he's moved on by now.

    • He criticised something I over reacted but immediately apologized
      He didn't reply to the last message

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    • Reality is sad, aye. Suck it up and push forward c:

    • He made contact the very day you told he will not :p

  • Yes, he might miss you, if he has any feelings for you. I did when I was angry with my girlfriend. Feelings just don't go away overnight.

    • What did you think during that time?

    • Mostly just tried to get distracted from thinking about her. played lot of games and watched lot of porn.

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  • If he always initiates contact, he is probably missing you.