Is it bad that I don't care if my girl has sex with other girls?

If it's a girl, I don't care. If she even kissed another guy I'd end it.

Is that bad?

Also, would you consider that an "open relationship"?


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  • I think lots of guys feel this way, they just lie about it because they don't want to be seen to be setting a double standard, I think it's less threatening because she's getting something from another chick that you can't actually provide.

    • surprisingly not from what I've seen. Once or twice maybe but not whimsically. If my girl had a 20 woman orgy daily I wouldn't care xD long as she's still my girl and ain't doing anything with a guy

    • and I feel bad that it is kind of a double standard but to me it doesn't feel like one. I'd feel like shit if she ran off with a girl all the same. I just don't feel offended from fem on fem relations xP I don't know. I still feel like an ass over it sometimes

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  • Um I think that's gross but that's your thing. Since I'm straight I want to be with another straight person, but I can't tell you what to be ok with and what not to be ok with. And no I wouldn't consider an open relationship one because I am a person of faith and I see that as immoral, and two because that's how diseases can be spread. No thanks.

    • Women are notably less likely to get disease from other women. and I'm straight but I couldn't care less if a girl swings both ways. but that's just me xD

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    • xD fair point. I just hope it's not perceived as too scummy of a double standard.

    • Na I can see why you would be more inclined to accept your girlfriend kissing another girl than another guy. I just wouldn't want to be with someone other than straight but that's me haha. If you were ok with her being with another guy that would be weird, but then some people are like that.

  • I'd say it's bad. I would care if my boyfriend was having sex with other men. The point of a relationship is to monogamous and if one of you is having sex with other people then it's not really monogamous or a relationship tbh. Maybe more like an open relationship.

  • I'm in one and it's great! It actually saved us by opening the relationship. No more jealously since we the other is coming back.


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