Should I forget about her?

I met this girl we talked a lot. She told me she just recently broke up with her boyfriend of three years and moved in with a friend. And that she just wanted to be friends right now cuz she has always jumped from relationship to relationship. So I agreed to take it slow with her. Anyways we text all the time. She os always asking me queations and so do I. One night she asked if she could come over in at like 1am. I just got home from work at 12 so I was awake. She brought her two friends with her. When she got here she was drunk and keep sitting close to me and put her feet on me and hugging me. I didn't really respond the way she wanted I think. Her friends keep grilling me with question after question. I liked her but I knew she was drunk so I didn't make any moves that and her friends were watching me. So we planned on hanging out mon or tues. I asked her to do something and she said ok but she didn't want to lead me on. I was kind of confused from how she acted that night. But said Ok I know she only wanted to be friends for now. Than she said ok. But then keep making excused why we couldnt hang out. And than she started taking forever to respond and than. I told her how i felt and how I respected what she told me. Than she told me she needed to focus on her and her store and getting her self back together. She did tell me from the get that I wouldn't want to date her right now anyways. She told me sorry for being distant and that I was cool and to take care. I told her ok, she knows how to get hold of me. Should I wait a couple of week than text her?


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  • definitely wait a few weeks, but if you text her after that and she seems uninterested, you'll have to let her go


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