If someone that you knew wanted to date you, but you had bad history with them but they changed would you date them?

My ex Girlfriend was a bad cheater and I was the hopeful 'love will prevail' type so I didn't immediately break up with her until she pushed me past my breaking point, in the last months of our relationship (in November of last year is when I hit my breaking point) I tried to get her to stop cheating ( I'm not sure exactly how long) and eventually she did, but I got tired of her lies and turned around speech and broke up with her anyway, now she was my first real girlfriend heck we were engaged too, so my first fiance too. Recently she decided to try and date me again, but I haven't decided yet if I want to date her again, I mean I still get turned on when I'm looking at her ( Skype etc,.) and all that but when I think about our past it brings back those painful memories and thoughts and questions and emotions. I'm not even sure if I can go see her becuase of her dad. ( I'm 19 she's 18 her dad is overprotective) I just got over her breaking up with me the first time a month ago. She also recently broke up with her newest boyfriend about a week ago. So please tell me your opinions
Should I start dating her again or not?
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  • It depends on whether I could trust him or not


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