I've got Friend I've know forever, but I'm not sure whether to see if we could have something together or wait longer for her to come to me?

she's a very beautiful human being and we've talked for a very long time, but not once have tried to have a special relationship.

any advice with be appreciated :')


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  • What do u think about her? Does she looks attracted to u as well? I know sometimes a very close relationship can lead to a relationship. But some are seems to missleading that we thought they do like us and want to have a relationship.
    I guess just try to see the aign from her and if it looks like she want a relationship with u too, ask her out

    • well she used to compliment me but we've had 2 major events in our lives where we had no choice but to stop talking.

      so it's hard say if we like or love eachother anymore, BUT she wants to get close to me again as much I want her back in my life

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    • Yeah that's good idea

      I'd ask her out but it's an odd situation, like we are planning to have a casual lunch soon but yeah I don't know

    • At the end of lunch be like I had a great time. It's nice to spend time with you, maybe we could go out on a date

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