Do guys hate to kiss girls with braces?

And if they do what should you do to get them to like you anyway? I mean other than get your braces off?


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  • Firstly, don't get your braces off until your teeth have moved into the right don't want bad teeth your whole life, it'll really come back to bite you.

    Secondly, I actually find girls with braces cuter! (Maybe I'm weird?)

    So that's one guys opinion :)


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  • Most guys don't care at all. Maybe if they had a bad experience with it they'd care, but eventually they'll get past it. If a guy is that judgemental about a girl having braces then it might not be worth it to get him to like you. I hope this helps good luck!

  • When I had braces. none of the guys I kissed ever told me they didn't like it.